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As seismic / structural specialists, our goal is to maintain long-lasting relationship with our clients based on exceptional design and cost-effective solutions that meet our client’s needs. We are customer focused engineers. We take all necessary measures to ensure a project’s success by striving to meet and exceeds our client’s expectations. All our engineers are board-certified and credentialed so we can apply the necessary expertise to ensure your project is completed on time and to the highest professional standards. Our engineers are highly knowledgeable of the International Building Code, IBC Certification, OSHPD Code Application, California Building Code, CBC, ICC-ES AC 156, ASCE Standard 7 and IEEE-693. Our design, fabrication and supply team are the Seismic One-Stop-Shop for your Nonstructural Component and Non-Building Structure project submittals. We utilized the most advanced technologies in our analysis, CAD modeling and testing. Please contact us if you have questions.

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What Do We Provide?

  • US Resiliency Council Building Certified Ratings
  • Reducing the Risks of Non-structural Components Seismic Damage
  • Providing PE And SE Stamps On Anchor And Vibration Isolator Calculations
  • Design-Detailing-Fabrication For Attachments, Supports, And Foundation For NonStructural Components
  • Supplying Patented Seismic Vibration Isolators
  • Providing Non-structural FEMA E‐74 Risk Assessment for Existing Facilities
  • Providing Certification By Analysis For Non-Active Components such as Equipment Enclosures and Fuel Tanks Per ASCE-7 Chapter 15
  • Providing Shake Table Testing For Design Development
  • Providing IBC and OSHPD Equipment Seismic Certification (OSP/OPM Approval)
  • Providing Mechanical/Structural Finite Element Analysis And 3-D CAD Design